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    Its a really awesome game i play it on my steam account and i have 56 hours on it its really hard but really intense when in battle

    22 february 2019 17:49 2240

    It's kinda crazy all that strategy that goes like pass the ball to yourself to avoid collision :)) i love it

    23 february 2019 00:40 2240

    isn't it dead?

    24 february 2019 16:28 2240

    Its really an amazing pvp game base on football. Rules are simple your team have to take the ball into the opponents base using your monster truck.

    24 february 2019 17:41 2240

    The toy is good, which is even more interesting than in the same rocket league, it is free)

    25 march 2019 22:00 2240

    let's get some people in this game, i played for a few weeks now and i think i have played against everyone that plays this game lol :) playerbase is very small atm so please join us in the funz!

    27 april 2019 19:20 2240

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