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    Why do people hate roblox

    There are many inappropriate games in Roblox and kids are playing them and I hate it!!!

    22 february 2019 12:24 2173

    I hate when people make those games, makes me soo angry!! >:(

    22 february 2019 12:41 2173

    Haizz kids these days...

    22 february 2019 13:16 2173

    Some games on roblox have scams

    22 february 2019 21:31 2173

    it is memes

    22 february 2019 21:31 2173

    Idk i really like it

    23 february 2019 12:52 2173

    mostly because those mini games are childish. But i like them very much

    23 february 2019 18:56 2173

    wows so many people replied

    2 march 2019 08:01 2173

    why ? i love so much robloxx

    2 march 2019 12:45 2173

    The most common reasons why ROBLOX is hated:
    1. ROBUX
    Since 2014, when tix got removed, there was basically no way for a new person to get robux without buying them, hense, people looking the same just because they couldn't afford/didn't want robux, so ROBLOX removing the tix just to enchance their profit, because when there were tix, people could buy clothes, items, gamepasses and other stuff for tix, and many users just didn't need robux to have a good gameplay. This enraged many old users, who loved the good old times with tix.
    ROBLOX has been getting more and more recongized, and ROBLOX itself is child-friendly game, but hence the old players, who usually are from 15 to 18 years old, make the gameplay unsafe for kids that just want to have fun, by creating unsafe content, age restricted content (you get what i mean), making inappropriate games, t-shirts and speaking with foul language.

    There's a lot more where that came from, but i just listed the most mentioned reasons for people hating ROBLOX.

    2 march 2019 15:58 2173

    Roblox is a platform that pressents a game engine to the people who want to make games with the help of a simplistic engine.
    Now, I don't understand coding that much, and the best I can do in Roblox is just an obby.

    But, the hate for Roblox is, quoting parize... The community.
    Because it's a kids game, many kids from different countries join a game server, which leads into a dead chat when the server has like 30 people, if there are some that speak English, the best you're gonna get is how they have fun, looking for friends or just "123 for a gf/bf".
    Another problem is that the games made by the community aren't original. They're just rip offs of games that are normally priced.

    To be honest, as in community the old Roblox was much better.
    As games, I would have to go with current time, because some are actually fun and good.

    3 march 2019 17:53 2173

    I don't get this question. Unless you have been completely ignoring any of the new updates then you wouldn't be asking this question. Ever since 2015-2016 this game has been getting worse and worse. As a 2013 player I can say with alot of confidence that it was much better back then.

    3 march 2019 18:29 2173

    In general people starts to like Roblox after they play a nice mini-game , they hate roblox don`t even try this game

    3 march 2019 18:35 2173

    Roblox is a nice game and a nice play there is no reason for hating

    3 march 2019 19:37 2173

    Because they think that it's a meme.

    3 march 2019 21:24 2173

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