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    Do you think is it okay to use PC emulators to outplay mobile players

    I mean mobile players are no match for PC emulator users. But is it ethical or why is it legal anyways?

    18 february 2019 21:38 2269

    I shouldt legal i thinks but i dunno know why they make a emolator

    22 february 2019 21:20 2269

    it's totally okay especially if you're a person that perhaps cannot afford the game at the moment so they'd use and emulator to play it and also the fact that controls are sometimes hard on the phone so it'd be easier to play it via an emulator. emulators are lifesavers.

    22 february 2019 22:55 2269

    yeah but still scummy

    4 march 2019 18:28 2269

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