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    The Isle - ROAR!

    You are a huge and heavy tyrannosaurus rex, rushing through the jungle in search of food. The feeling of hunger reaches a critical point, thirst is burning your trachea, but then a slight smell of prey is felt in the air. Yes, it's a couple of huge Gallimimus' grazing in the nearest field! The hunt is on..

    The early access survival title features you, as a dinosaur, trying to outlive, kill and survive among other pre-historical creatures. You also have to provide for your family, assuming you have one, watch them grow and protect as that is happening.
    You have many controls and nuances to learn, such as sniffing, hiding, following and attacking. Each of these mechanics provide new possibilities to thrive in the environment, it being an island that, as you advance through the game, changes accordingly to your actions and decisions. 
    The point of the game is to kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest. Expect to die. A lot. Every mistake can and probably will be punished, so you always have to be careful and aware of your surroundings.

    You can either choose to be a carnivore or a herbivore. Me, playing as a herbivore dinosaur, I had to travel and look for food more often than enjoy the beautiful scenery or explore the huge and well made map. The biggest minus is that big animals, like t-rex's get hungry every few minutes, which is really annoying, because that is the antonym of "realism", as I really doubt a dino with a full stomach would want to eat agin after 2 minutes. 
    Adding to the poor realism, you die even when falling from the tiniest of heights. Doesn't matter what animal or from where you fall - you will die 90% of the time. The idea of the game was good, but not so much the execution. However, if you are a fan of concepts like this, this game might be for you - the game is still in early access and is / will be constantly updated for the better.

    Another fairly big problem is the servers and optimization. While the latter can still be somewhat excused, especially as the game does look pretty good, the servers used to constantly either kick me out or go offline for like 30 to 40 minutes.
    The developers, while constantly updating the game, seem to not really listen to the community's feedback and just go on with their vision of the game, which often doesn't end in good results. 
    This is certainly not an AAA title, but it is a decent game. Even if slowly, it is developing, but the developers should listen to their players more because the map is only so good and fun to play because it's the players themselves that control, maintain the environment and fauna. 

    The Isle 
    can be beautiful, even spectacular at times, but it has it's flaws. With time and friends, the game can be fun, however not very balanced, especially the dying from things that shouldn't harm you (such as the aforementioned fall damage) part.

    Verdict: while The Isle sometimes does feel like a real quality game, it comes with it's problems (there being quite a few). I can't quite recommend it yet, or at least not for everyone, and you should probably wait for it to come out in full release (if it ever does, that is) to witness it's full potential and glory. However, if you're a hardcore dinosaur and survival fan, the game might be good enough to ignore the flaws, and buying it right now is an option that would set you back 19.99$.

    16 february 2019 04:14 1625

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