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    Why am i getting so little points for offers also i completed the 3 war thunder quests and now i cant earn more points from that game. While people i talk to often tell me they can make like a couple of thousand points from a game every day while i am stuck on finished and dont get new offers. (talking about pc games here specifically war thunder)

    11 february 2019 22:28 1628

    The total points of the 3 tasks of that game is 4000 points so that is a couple thousand points from one game, and then they go do tasks of another game to get more points, each game only has 3 tasks

    12 february 2019 00:07 1628

    yes but i go 200 only from war thunder

    12 february 2019 00:08 1628

    The points/ gems rewarded for the offers and game tasks are varied in each country. In short, I'm also getting only 200 SG for the War Thunder's tasks.

    12 february 2019 05:56 1628

    I am also getting 200 sg for war thunder task :'(

    12 february 2019 06:41 1628

    I'm also getting 200SG for war thunder.

    12 february 2019 07:36 1628

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