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    Investigator - What Could of Been?

    Investigator is a first-person shooter with horror elements. You used to be a detective before weather cataclysms started appearing and rapidly exterminating humans. The ex-officer is now an ordinary wanderer, moves from house to house, in search of food and shelter.
    The game was made by AdroVGames, a small developer team that has made two games, ShadowSide and Investigator, with the first being their second game, released two years after Investigator, which published in 2016.

    The story starts off with you just trying to survive. Then, for various hardly comprehensible reasons you're investigating the open world map around you (it isn't very big, by the way), then you're running from monsters, then you get kidnapped and so on. The storytelling goes way too fast and is hard to keep up with, and the storyline itself is quite boring at first. While it does get more intriguing on the way, at the peak of it's turnover, it ends. Just like that. It feels so anticlimactic, especially as I completed it in 2 hours. I thought this was some sort of anomaly or the first episode, but it wasn't that's the entire game. You're getting two hours of playtime here, which is pretty disappointing but I accept it because of the fact that it costs 0.75$, being 62% off from 1.99$ because of the Steam's Lunar New Year Sale.

    I do have to admit, while the story might have been a bit of a letdown, the scenery and the looks weren't. The graphics are really good and everything is well optimized, with my laptop being able to run it at 1080p near-max settings at locked 60 frames per second. Secondly, the scenery and the map design is great. While it is not big, it is very fun to explore and look at, even if traversing the entirety of (and I mean all of the map) it takes about an hour. The well-written soundtrack, the map and graphics, however, can't make up for the fact that the atmosphere is ruined by the lack of scary moments. It does look gloomy, spooky and scary at first, but when you encounter the enemies enough you really know that there isn't much to be afraid of. If you're a fan of hardcore jumpscare fan - go play Amnesia or Outlast instead.

    CryEngine really does make the indie release a lot of good, huh?

    The action really isn't an apparent thing in Investigator. While it does have the tag on Steam, all the real battles go down in cutscenes, which you don't have any control or take any part in. The only action you do is just shooting the same enemies with similar weapons again and again, advancing through the game. Coming back to the map - even though it is good looking and well designed, the story doesn't use it's full potential and is quite linear. You just walk, shoot, interact with objects, making it quite dysfunctional and unrewarding to explore. Another missed opportunity to make the game shine, because all these points make Inspector more like an interactive movie than a game.

    The game has some stuff going for it, but it still is a far shot off of a AAA title. It does some things right, but the most important stuff like combat, story and the longevity of the game just aren't polished or thought out here. It could of been a lot better, and the developers could have updated it for the better, but I guess that's what you get for 3/4 of a dollar. 

    Verdict: if you're looking to kill some time by just going around, looking at the scenery and sometimes shooting - go for it. But if you're looking for real horror, adrenaline and action - skip Inspector. 

    10 february 2019 03:52 1625

    wow this is awsome

    10 february 2019 06:09 1625

    i think this game shoud be fun

    10 february 2019 06:58 1625

    I think is good

    10 february 2019 08:45 1625

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