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    Is roblox good or bad??

    Is roblox any good??

    5 february 2019 16:16 2173

    I think that its a good game because you can basically do anything you want if you make it yourself and there are constant new games being made by small time people getting light or big people expanding fame

    5 february 2019 16:19 2173

    Well it depends on what you're into, if you're into having to pay real money for ingame currency just to buy items or buying Builders Club just to upload shirts and pants then yes it's quite good. It's also good for games where you sit there grinding your **** off just to get an item in the game. But in general it's an alright game.

    5 february 2019 19:10 2173

    Thanks guys for the review

    5 february 2019 19:13 2173

    Not very good and not too bad either.somewhere in between

    5 february 2019 22:04 2173

    it's a good game cuz im like addicted to it lol

    6 february 2019 06:16 2173

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