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    7 years from now-An amazing experience

    There are some great,story-rich games available on Android phones. Some of them are free, some of them are paid,Some of them are very underrated.Today I am going to introduce an underrated game to you which, I feel that you would definitely love to play.

    7 years from now

    Developer: h i r a y a -space.

    Release Date: August 3, 2017.

    Platforms: Android, I.O.S.

    Genre: Story-based,R.P.G.

    Price: Free.


    "7 years ago, I lost my memories....
     But there is one promise I can never forget- 'I'll be waiting for you, 7 years from now...'
     A promise with someone I have no recollection of"

    The main character has lost his memories from a certain incident 7 years ago. All he remember is a promise that he made 7 years ago with someone he has no recollection of. To find out about his past and to fulfill his promise, he returned to his hometown during the spring break.Then the story begins.
    There are also some side stories about the characters you will meet in the game( side stories are not Free. They can be unlocked by watching Ads or by paying a certain amount of money).
    After the end of the game, there are still some parts which further continues the story.You can find it in the game's menu.


    7 years from now features cubic art style graphics with limited interactions. It is an episodic game.There are about 40 episodes.Each episode is about 15- 20 minutes long. 7 years from now has no combat. So, I guess this game is not for action lover. There ain't no energy bar system. So you can play this game without any disruption. There ain't much game_play elements but still it's enjoyable. Each episode ends with a surprise and suspense. Some times the game_play feels repetitive but you won't realize it if you are fully driven into the game.You can talk with every N.P.C but their response are limited. The world is small but you can roam it as you want.

    The controls of the game are very easy. It also feels very smooth but sometimes it feels weird.

    Graphics:As I have told in the game play section, 7 years from now features cubic style graphics.The world and N.P.Cs are colorful. Overall the graphics of this game somewhere between excellent and very good.

    Besides the great story, this game features some beautiful soundtracks.These soundtracks will drive you into the game, into the story, into the scene. The soundtracks of this game are so relaxing that you won't become bored for a single second. Besides the story, the soundtracks of this game makes it truly an amazing game.

    7 years from now is a blessing for Android gamer. This isn't just a game,Its more than just a game. Its an experience which is truly amazing.7 years from now is for story rich game lovers like me. I don't think you would find a game in play store which's story is better than this game.


    • I would score this game a 9.5/10.

    5 february 2019 08:56 1625

    Nice article bro.
    try harder next time so thatit would get posted in article's section😊😊

    5 february 2019 17:02 1625

    let me guess, being rejected in article section ? not surpringsing, bad arrangement skill, bad writing skill, many errors, improve yourself

    5 february 2019 18:37 1625

    I am trying my best

    5 february 2019 18:39 1625

    cool might check the game out

    6 february 2019 16:58 1625

    I am unable to understand what you are talking about

    6 february 2019 17:05 1625

    Apciha bro thanks a lot

    6 february 2019 17:05 1625

    @kartik_solanki bro I am really very sorry. I will try to write article in a more understandable way.

    6 february 2019 17:07 1625

    I don't even try making articles because of this

    6 february 2019 17:31 1625

    lea90 bro you should try. Just like I did

    6 february 2019 17:32 1625

    Its hard writing article's

    6 february 2019 18:26 1625

    that's actually true.

    6 february 2019 18:28 1625

    Just talk on the forums

    7 february 2019 13:12 1625

    Fix your mistakes, try again. They might accept it :)

    8 february 2019 20:05 1625

    I am new here so ane advice

    9 february 2019 16:52 1625

    would be aprecciated

    9 february 2019 16:52 1625

    Great! Might check the game out :)

    15 february 2019 20:59 1625

    Was this supposed to be for the article section? I certainly have been seeing a lot of articles around the community place lately...

    17 february 2019 20:39 1625

    thats actually insane

    18 february 2019 00:32 1625

    nice its look cool

    18 february 2019 00:38 1625

    nice try dude!

    18 february 2019 00:39 1625

    u inspire me

    18 february 2019 00:39 1625

    Thank you for introducing this game. Maybe I should try it.

    18 february 2019 14:44 1625

    Cool! It looks amazing!

    18 february 2019 14:47 1625

    nice its great !

    18 february 2019 17:02 1625

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