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    it says that my reward Ak-47 skin was delivered to my steam account, and there was no problems with my steam trade url, but there's nothing? wth

    2 february 2019 11:25 1628

    also, my inventory was set to public already, got scammed? or do i need to wait for more?, this is a lil' bit frustrating...

    2 february 2019 11:51 1628

    you need to contact Misty, also I just learnt that you can't get rewards till you are Level 3 and above, are you?

    2 february 2019 18:55 1628

    Dude. Just said i got a reward. It just means im already level 3

    2 february 2019 23:41 1628

    Forget Misty, ask them on their twitch/discord any other more suitable contact. Also please let us know their answer. Good Luck

    3 february 2019 00:08 1628

    Turns out, you just need to wait a few more hours to receive the reward, no notification whatsover (which is a lil' bit frustrating since i really didn't know what to do) but at least it's legit. Thanks to gamehag!

    3 february 2019 00:20 1628

    Message Misty and give her all of the details of what happened.

    3 february 2019 15:46 1628

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