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    My Two Tasks Are Pending Approval 1- Submit Video 2- (Lords Mobile for new members on android)

    Its been over a week now for lords mobile task am now at castle level 12 not even 11, on the other hand its been over 4 to 5 days already that i posted a video and submitted at create a video page please can some one help me understand how i get these approved.
    Here is what i did from my end though -
    I contacted misty on both instances and answer was to wait it out.
    Question is shall i continue to wait or i pm misty once again pls guide me some one who has been rewarded for either of these tasks
    1- Create a video regarding gamehag
    2- Do Lords Mobile Task As a new member for android app
    pls help me understand guys much appreciated!!

    29 january 2019 16:16 1628

    Message misty.

    29 january 2019 18:05 1628

    I kinda contacted her already, in my 2nd attempt what shall i tell her for these two seperate cases pls can you elaborate a bit ? help me ya all

    29 january 2019 18:17 1628

    You can also speak to the support through the discord server. If you don't know how, you can join the discord channel using the URL located at the bottom of the page

    29 january 2019 21:48 1628

    Oh thank you for the advice, but i wouldnt want to go that route @ranzacado , cause i am sharing my referral links via direct messages to several people and what if one of those were a member of gamehag this might bring in a conflict and might get me fully banned from every where, that is why i will always stay away from that discord channel but still much appreciated!!

    29 january 2019 21:50 1628

    that kind of sucks man.

    29 january 2019 23:42 1628

    @bot_josh joining the official gamehag discord has its perks but there rules are there and are implemented fully make sure to read them like you cannot pm a guy with your discord server if he part of gamehag server if you get reported by that said person you get banned from server and may be even from website am in no way discouraging any one from joining it sure has alot of perks tbh but you do need to be careful :)

    30 january 2019 00:18 1628

    well... that's a shame, usually the go-to route is the discord server. If not, then you can send an email to support, although I don't remember the address

    30 january 2019 01:34 1628

    I kinda did exactly that; but i donot want to use all communication channels; using misty and email support makes that happen :(

    30 january 2019 01:36 1628

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