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    My ordered skin

    I ordered a ump skin from the rewards section 2 days ago and I haven't received it yet. How long does it normally take to receive a skin?

    29 january 2019 09:36 1628

    Prizes are issued within 30 days (if expensive)

    29 january 2019 11:32 1628

    I haven't received mine yet either, i've purchased an ak-47 Elite build skin for 1599 SGs, and one week has passed, still nothing, but im still hoping for it

    29 january 2019 18:31 1628

    You guys will receive your ordered items indeed; gamehag always fill there orders last time i ordered my steam wallet which was 20 euros i received it under 2 days i think these skins for you guys are taking some what more time than expected which is some how unusual i guess you guys need to post on official discord server of gamehag and also keep in contact with misty as well as [email protected]

    29 january 2019 18:34 1628

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