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    Monthly chest

    Hello all. Here's an idea. Would you like to actualy see a progres bar for the mothly chest? Like the one for the reward when you first register on the site? I think it would be very usefull. So the deadline for this month ends in two days, i have gone through my earning of gems all the way back to 28 days, and it equals well over 1000 gems, still i cant get it.

    28 january 2019 14:04 1628

    Its a good idea!

    28 january 2019 14:43 1628

    there is a channel name " Suggestions" on discord you can write it down there, so the moderators and gamehag_team will see your idea soon and answer to that.

    28 january 2019 15:01 1628

    Good idea.

    28 january 2019 16:28 1628

    Another thing: when you're on the website, you can see your SG earnings daily, monthly and all time (which I believe resets every year). That way, you can see all the SG you've collected in the span of the month!

    28 january 2019 18:25 1628

    gOOD idea.Your idea is good

    28 january 2019 19:44 1628

    I still dont know how to get 1000 gems in a month !
    Maybe open box from weekly crate?
    I dont know...

    28 january 2019 20:12 1628

    There are a lot of threads giving advice into methods to get more SG. One of those (and possibly the most easier and profitable one) is to use the App-Zone, on the GameHag mobile app. You can get up to 100 SG every 24 hours.
    You can also do tasks and contracts, but if you have any difficulty with those, the App-Zone is your best bet!

    @m4nac0lypse sadly the weekly crate only offers runes, so I'd say that's not a good idea

    28 january 2019 22:55 1628

    Yes there is that way of knowing how meny have we earnd, but a progress bar would be more practical i belive. :)

    29 january 2019 14:42 1628

    Yes i already open the box that give me a random steam key. You can earn up to 1000SG for 1 task but it may reject. The task to do is lord mobile that earn 1000 SG up...

    29 january 2019 17:03 1628

    A progress bar would be amazing.

    29 january 2019 18:10 1628

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