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    Lords Mobile

    (4.41/5) 39122 rates

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    Soul Gems

    For 2 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach Castle level 11 and get "Winning Start" pack

    NOT get SG for Lord Mobile quest

    I completed lords mobile quest few days ago but not get SGs and it says that i will get them automatically but I didn't please any help?

    24 january 2019 12:05 2212

    its a good game

    24 january 2019 13:02 2212

    well its so dumb amazing

    24 january 2019 13:47 2212

    Me too we cant get SGs this game I write support 3 times but I cant get SGs

    24 january 2019 23:03 2212

    Awesome game

    25 january 2019 06:08 2212

    i didnt get soul gems either for completing task has any body got solution misty just auto replies i gave her castle level 12 screen shot even pls help some one how i resolve my issue

    30 january 2019 16:37 2212

    you shouldnt weast your time by playing this game. You will not rec any sg.

    4 february 2019 17:01 2212

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