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    Who invited you section, Gamehag referral system help!!

    I just registered and in section who invited you i input Misty but it shows some other name contacted misty regarded that to resolve issue but strange that this name came up as my referrer when i input name Misty can any body help me with this https://gyazo.com/1bbf6261c0a89ac6bfcf61488e873386

    20 january 2019 15:33 1628

    Perhaps the user is using "Misty" as his/her unique code, so when you enter Misty in "Who invited you?", he has become the one who invited you.

    21 january 2019 14:45 1628

    Due to the picture mind that you click the invitation link of someone else, or import the wrong code in!

    25 february 2019 06:24 1628

    Random Good Guy

    25 february 2019 07:17 1628

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