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    My opinion on gamehag

    Hi, I just want to share my opinion on this website.

    I really love that you can buy real things by virtual currency... For me it is very helpful. I live in a village and I have to drive to school cause of that I do not have much time and any ways how to earn real money. So again I think this site can help a lot of people.

    The only thing I dont like is when you need help and you have to ask Misty... I just want to know how to delete other account that I dont really use anymore but she cant tell me and I have to wait for somebody to answer me... I dont really mind that I have to wait. I totally understand that people have other things to do but the thing is that deleting an account is such a basic thing that every site you can sing up on should have it possible in the settings.

    Like I said I like this website a lot and I wanted to share my opinions with other users. I dont really want you to focus only on the bad part cause people should focus more on the positive things. Hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day!

    Btw... What is your favorite game?

    20 january 2019 10:45 1628

    If you want to delete your account. Contact support using the email you are using in your 'want to delete account'. They will reply after a few days and they will delete your account

    20 january 2019 10:55 1628

    Check the FAQs section for more information

    20 january 2019 10:56 1628

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