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    No articles to vote for!?

    Is nobody trying to publish any articles or the "Vote" button just isn't showing up to me? I mean, I can't believe that not even spammers are attempting something. Is there any issue with the button or not?

    17 january 2019 18:19 1628

    I mean, did the system break?? I just can't believe there's NO ARTICLE NO VOTE FOR.

    17 january 2019 18:25 1628

    it's kinda discouraging for ppl to get their articles marked as spam many times when they are not.

    17 january 2019 18:34 1628

    Well, it is. And then there's the bad reviewers who just reject everything. Also, the plagiarizers have hurt the system too much, too.

    17 january 2019 18:38 1628

    Yes, no articles because no spam

    17 january 2019 19:03 1628

    actually i think the system (i mean bot) is down because i sent two none spam articles and they are not verified yet, i wrote two additional article and review the whole gaming devices of CES

    17 january 2019 19:15 1628

    seriously? I hope it'll be back since my article is being verified now...

    17 january 2019 19:53 1628

    This happened before
    For like a week or so there was no article published to vote
    Don't know if the ppl are not uploading or some bug is holding things up

    17 january 2019 20:07 1628

    I hope it's not people's articles being retained... I was planning on making an article and post it tomorrow (since I've had little to no time to make it)

    17 january 2019 22:35 1628

    I hope it'll be back!!

    18 january 2019 12:30 1628

    guys news !! first article for voting!!!!
    but it is plagiarism
    second was spam

    18 january 2019 17:21 1628

    @yazdan, when you say plagiarism you mean the battle realms one? Do you have the source to say it's plagiarism?

    18 january 2019 20:43 1628

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