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    Misty who are u

    Is misty bot?

    17 january 2019 08:10 1628

    I don't know 🤔
    When you talk to her, it IS an automated system. But you see her profile and her activity and she behaves just like any other user! She does tasks, redeems prizes and she's even friends with herself! 😱

    17 january 2019 08:35 1628

    is she even a she?

    17 january 2019 09:01 1628

    no one knows who she is... she can be a he, a she, a they, WHO KNOWS?! She can be a bot but she behaves like a human! so weird...

    17 january 2019 11:16 1628

    she is the big yeet

    17 january 2019 13:51 1628

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