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    So disappointed for the 3rd stage

    The 3rd requires 250 topaz and it can only be obtained by cashing the game, it is definitely not worth to spend $4 dollar plus for 500 plus soul gems and its definitely disappointing to me. But overall the first and second stage was indeed easy to complete and enjoy it quite a lot, the only problem was with the 3rd stage.

    12 january 2019 08:25 3088

    OwO u need to recharge to complete 3rd task ._.

    13 january 2019 08:30 3088


    13 january 2019 11:33 3088

    gg, I got to lvl 68 and then the quest changed.

    15 january 2019 19:25 3088

    a dont undestun

    15 january 2019 20:04 3088

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