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    Please take note of these writers in this post until moderators take action.
    I wouldn't have created this thread cuz I know it's wrong but they are still able to publish more.. here is the thread gathering them:

    please keep it updated as you discover more plagiarism for moderators to confirm and ban them.

    11 january 2019 18:20 1628

    this user also keep trying to accept his/her articles
    they are all translated

    12 january 2019 11:18 1628

    Stop plagiarism now
    after finding some articles on other language we know how to track down these articles please stop plagiarism

    12 january 2019 12:47 1628

    always check articles with this site:

    12 january 2019 13:46 1628

    I will report user: Yazdan.

    the article: CES 2019: New Beasts of Gaming world by yazdan is copied and plagiarised

    12 january 2019 15:36 1628

    from where exactly?
    i have proof that you copy->translate-> paste the article
    please show me the proof of your work

    12 january 2019 16:35 1628

    @yazdan There is another article with the same images you used in yours, That doesn't mean your article is plagiarism but I can see why jugansb thought that.

    15 january 2019 22:43 1628

    actually i used all images from the official site and also for seeing the pictures source you can right click and open image in new tab and you can see that i use the pictures of the product's website
    actually this report of jugansb came after i report his/her plagiarism article and he tried to do the same on mine, however mine was not.

    15 january 2019 22:56 1628

    i write 5 articles and they refused

    16 january 2019 13:02 1628

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