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    Help Me Get Rid of Plagiarism

    We've been trying to ban all the plagiarizers, but there are a lot. I'm sure there are many I missed. If you have proof of someone plagiarizing please either

    1. Post it here
    2. Privately Message Me

    IF you do not have solid proof but you think someone is plagiarizing then privately message me. I will look into it and find out.

    26 december 2018 18:55 1628

    people who steal other people's material and put 0 effort into it actually suck

    26 december 2018 20:01 1628

    I'm glad to see this thread!
    I wanted to report this article:
    The proof of plagiarism is in the comments section yet somehow it was published.
    Original Source: https://gamebrott.com/perbandingan-free-to-play-game-vs-pay-to-play
    AFAIR it's not the only try from that user.

    30 december 2018 22:33 1628

    Thank you they will be permanently banned!

    30 december 2018 22:48 1628

    Theres to much spam and plagiatorism its imposible delete all :(

    31 december 2018 00:37 1628

    It'll discourage others though, if the want to continue here

    31 december 2018 12:39 1628

    I wanna report this user as well: malikzulal1515
    he's taking advantage of another user's articles being rejected (the article was in html tags and not converted).. he then reuploaded them in his behalf under the titles:
    1. Death's Shadow
    2. Pako, Asphalt,Motorsport Management
    both articles are still under evaluation though
    The original author is: yazdan

    2 january 2019 12:08 1628

    The user malikzulal1515
    is trying to use my article to get sould gems and reupload them in voting section please stop him.
    1. Death's Shadow
    2. Pako, Asphalt,Motorsport Management
    both articles
    as @FabulouSS said

    2 january 2019 12:14 1628

    some of those xp comment spammers keep copy paste other people's comment to avoid being banned(such a cheesy subtle lazy trick)...for example like this https://gamehag.com/forum/t/13218-what-do-i-win-by-leveling-up-my-account1

    2 january 2019 18:13 1628

    In regards to malikzulal1515,
    I will confirm his actions and then have him banned!
    Thank you both for letting me know.

    Yeah I've noticed! I usually let users get away with spamming once or twice. But once I recognize that it is becoming a regular thing I throw down the ban hammer.
    When they copy and paste others comments and I notice it I will ban them the first time. However, it isn't possible for me to see all of them.

    3 january 2019 06:06 1628

    This time I want to report someone with 24 old articles which were all translated plagiarism. and added today 2 more translated articles.
    Nickname: rogstrug
    Today's articles (under evaluation):
    1. Review Fe
    2. DISTRAINT 2

    Sample of his old plagiarism:
    1. Review | Fallout 76 |
    2. Throwback - | HALF-LIFE 1|

    I hope everyone else voting for articles blacklist him as well.

    10 january 2019 20:00 1628

    For some reason I feel bad for doing this.
    Next plagiarizer is: mrshift01
    With 13 published articles.

    Some of his Plagiarism:
    1. GRIS - Review
    2. Horizon Zero Dawn - Review
    3. DIABLO 3 - REVIEW

    I can add more if these are not enough. also people in the voting section, please mark him as plagiarizer.

    11 january 2019 14:15 1628

    Another active plagiarizer: Jugansb
    With 5 published articles and many more are being evaluated, as usual overwhelming ratings.

    1. Article - Morphite
    2. Article - Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Still under evaluation as of this moment:
    3. Article - Gris
    4. Article - Ashen

    Again, please voters mark him as a plagiarizer.

    11 january 2019 16:28 1628

    Sigh.. another one: Sanelaa
    with 15 published articles and more to come.

    1. Mafia III review
    2. Dishonored 2 review
    3. Killing Floor 2 review

    Still under evaluation as of this moment:
    4.Starbound review

    there's a 5th one in evaluation but can't remember the title.

    11 january 2019 18:11 1628

    @FablouSS Thanks so much for all those reports! They will be banned

    11 january 2019 20:03 1628

    You have my thanks, FabulouSS. I actually envy your knack for locating their sources. For that, I sent a friend request to you.

    11 january 2019 20:54 1628

    Adding on a few plagiarised articles from Jugansb, I have rejected all of them as I have seen them in my article verification queue. All of them are translated from Swedish to English.

    1. Article - Artifact

    2. Review - Steel Rats

    3. Review - Soul Calibur VI

    12 january 2019 10:16 1628

    It are not be easy

    12 january 2019 10:33 1628

    from where exactly?
    i have proof that you copy->translate-> paste the article
    please show me the proof of your words
    please comment the link of the article that you see and i did plagiarism from it

    12 january 2019 16:36 1628

    Jugansb was on the ban list for plagiarism. His reports are meaningless

    13 january 2019 06:11 1628

    Oh man, @FabulouSS is on FIRE! I love this, I love it so much. It'll definitely discourage others to copy-paste another people's work. Gotta be on the lookout though. If I see a suspicious article, I'll let you know @Vaaren, as always!

    13 january 2019 06:22 1628

    I think plagiarizers have given links a bit too bad of a name. My Early Access review for Maelstrom was recently rejected on charges of plagiarism/spam. Even though I didn't really copy anything. All I did was include two links to a couple of websites as references and as sources of additional information. Either people around here don't appreciate references, which might be partly thanks to the plagiarizers, or the voters at the time were simply being jerks.

    13 january 2019 15:18 1628

    Today I posted my new article about a character called "V" from DMC5 which I wrote entirely by myself. But I got shocked when I saw it got rejected after 5-10 minutes later. I don't understand what went wrong.

    13 january 2019 17:56 1628

    @raduraresandrei is trying to post a plagiarism article.
    here the link:
    just search the first paragraph and you will find it.

    15 january 2019 21:08 1628

    This is a big forum and its pretty hard to delete plagiarism because we will always miss some but we are trying

    22 january 2019 13:50 1628

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