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    Help Me Get Rid of Plagiarism


    Article name: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknow
    Original source: IGN Hungary
    this person tried so many times to pass plagiarism article, I demand a permanent ban for his/her account. I write some articles, yes they have grammatical errors but I wrote them all by myself. it is not fair.

    2 february 2019 11:07 1628

    grammatical errors lol, lots of them, I cant believe why mods can accept your articles, and not mine @yasdan

    2 february 2019 14:02 1628

    there are also a lot of articles that are being submitted that are basically a rundown of what the menu screen looks like....its hardly an article....not an interesting read...no informative text, just what each screen in the menu does and maybe if they put some thought into it what happens if you select the menu!!!

    2 february 2019 17:50 1628

    also as a request, once you ban someone can you please also remove their published articles for two reasons:

    1. So they cannot then go on to write in their resume or somewhere important that they have published articles

    2. So that the genuine writers' articles are not buried in the 88 pages of articles there are currently.


    2 february 2019 18:05 1628


    This published article is actually plagiarism :

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/crossout-rewiew

    by: https://gamehag.com/profile/hussainalisahed

    ACTUAL article by: https://www.keengamer.com/article/17361_crossout-review1

    3 february 2019 03:41 1628

    @dakuwanga My articles also got rejected for plagiarism/spam as I had links to the game creator's website. I think the reviewers misunderstood meaning of plagiarism.

    3 february 2019 04:47 1628

    Why can't you guys have a bot which will basically check if the user is plagarising and then if they are then the bot should tell the Moderator that they are most likely plagarising the bot should not take any action on the person but let the moderator do it because bots are known to make mistakes.

    3 february 2019 10:27 1628

    Plagiarism sucks, it's cool that you guys made this thread

    3 february 2019 19:08 1628

    This reduces the amount of plagiarism here💯%!!

    3 february 2019 23:23 1628

    @IAmMike90 I suppose it's because a bot wouldn't necessarily be reliable in such a scenario. Unless you are actually willing to go through the trouble and check the existing online reviews (not to mention some copies are Google translations from other languages), it might not be possible to immediately tell whether it's legitimate or copied from somewhere else.

    4 february 2019 19:14 1628

    Ok in almost every forum post I have seen blank messages from Misty, this one has a few. Does anyone know whats going on?

    6 february 2019 02:16 1628

    And now the blank messages are gone, I guess problem solved?

    6 february 2019 05:25 1628

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