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    How to tell someone is hacking?

    Im new to counter strike and i don't have a prime account yet. Anyone knows how to tell whether someone is hacking?

    11 january 2019 15:51 808

    there are lots of video on youtube about hackers in csgo...that will give you some idea on how hacking works in that game...

    11 january 2019 17:44 808

    I did watch them but i still can't tell

    11 january 2019 17:58 808

    i found a steam guide for you to start with https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=294510159

    11 january 2019 18:29 808

    just report tham and cs go team will see his play and than thay will bann him or not

    12 january 2019 19:42 808

    There are aim hacks wall hacks and more and you can report its better use the prime account or buy

    12 january 2019 23:33 808

    Prime account is expensive

    13 january 2019 02:43 808

    Its twelve dollars

    13 january 2019 11:46 808

    When you hit level 21 you get free prime

    13 january 2019 16:27 808

    Just pay attention that if someone is more able than you, he/she is not a hacker. Based on the hack, a hacker shows a special behavior without any exception. If someone use wall hack, then he/she always knows where you are and spot and shot you first moment he/she sees you. If someone use hack for headshot, then they never miss. Things like that.

    13 january 2019 17:52 808

    watch replay

    13 january 2019 19:14 808

    Its eazy for wall hacks.If you are crouching or wallking slowly(they can't hear you) and enemy is in same hause as you.And he somehow finds you eazy,even tho you don't make any footsteps.

    14 january 2019 06:38 808

    Press tab, right mouse, click on player and go to report, and go for Aim Hacking, wall hacking or other hacking

    14 january 2019 19:26 808

    Review death cam. One time, I ran into a stupid hacker who bang the wall accurately on every bullet, while running around without actually seeing me.

    20 january 2019 17:51 808

    watch some overwatch demos in csgo and you get xp bonus and you'll understand who's hacking

    21 january 2019 19:47 808

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