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    Best CS:GO AK-47 Skins

    We all know and (some of us at least) love the newest Counter Strike iteration, known as CS:GO. One, if not the most used weapon, is the AK-47, as it's head-shots are fatal from any range and it is the go-to weapon for terrorists. However, after playing the game for as long as I have, the looks of the weapons and the game gets a bit boring, and that's where skins come in - they can really help freshen up the game and your inventory, of course, and since the AK is such an iconic weapon in all Counter-Strike's, I decided to cover the best skins for the weapon.
    5) AK-47 - Black Laminate :

    Starting off with the first skin, it being the Black Laminate. The Skin might look pretty simple and bland at first, but I personally really like the pattern on the wooden part of the weapon. The design reminds me of the default AK, which kind of brings nostalgia to the times when Counter-Strike didnt't even have skins (Counter Strike 1.6, Source). It isn't very flashy, but it fits in with a lot of load-outs, because it isn't really a stand-out skin. This particular AK also really looks nice when paired up with a pair of gloves, e.g. King Snake gloves, as they are white and the contrast makes it really pop out a lot more. All in all, it's not a skin that all people will like, and that's why you won't see many people have it, but with the right load-out it can really shine. The skin starts at 11.53 euros in the Steam Community market at Battle-Scarred, and tops out at 93.03 euros, so it's not that cheap, but there isn't much reason to go for anything better than Well-Worn as the wear really doesn't show on this skin.

    4) AK-47 - Neon Rider :

    And the 4th Place goes to... *(dramatic drums beating)* the NEON RIDER! Yes, that's right, the top-tier skin from the fairly new Horizon case. The skin comes from the same creator of the Mac-10 - Neon Rider, this being Puffin's second one accepted from the retro-wave collection. The skin is very flashy and bright, and features pink, purple, cyan and a lot more in-between-y colors that really fit well together and create the impression that this is something you would see on an old-school retro arcade machine game. The skin doesn't go well by itself, however, but that's where gloves come into play, and this AK paired up with the Sport Gloves - Vice looks absolutely stunning, and there are few better combinations out there. The skin starts at 22.47 euros and goes all the way up to 84.03 euros, so it's not that cheap, even in Battle-Scarred condition. If you're planning on buying this AK as a standalone skin, I wouldn't really recommend it, as it is a one-of-a-kind and the whole load-out would have to be centered around it. All in all, a good skin but not a cheap or a skin that goes well with a lot of other skins.

    3) AK-47 - Case Hardened :

    The oldest skin in this list, the AK-47 case hardened is very unique in the sense that it has hundreds, if not thousands of different patterns, some of them looking awful, some of them - amazing. The skin features purple, orange and yellowish, and the most chased one of them all - blue, colors, but it really only looks good when there's a lot of one color, especially with those shader settings set on High. The skin's price varies majorly on how what colors it features, the most expensive ones being mostly blue. The skin starts at 21.97 euros and can top out at over 10000 euros if the pattern is good, even if it's Non - StaTrak™. This collection of case hardened skins has quite the following, as there are 16 skins for different weapons in total, with all knives having this skin, respectively. This AK, in my opinion, is a very hit-or-miss (I guess they never miss, huh?) skin, but it can look very good in the right stickers and load-out.

    2) AK-47 - Fuel Injector : 

    This might surprise some people, but this is one of the best AK skins for me. The skin or it's colors aren't very screaming, it's kind of low-key and looks amazing with Some Na'Vi, Astralis or some white stickers on it. The skin, especially the magazine, has so much detail in it, and the overall design is really slick and clean, especially with those higher float values. There aren't many yellow skins in the game, but if I had to pick the best one, it would have to be either the Tec-9 Fuel Injector or this one. It just looks too good to not be used. The skin starts at 25.45 euros and can be as much as 80.50 euros if you wanted the Factory New version (which I highly recommend). This skin can and does look amzing with some stickers and Specialist Gloves - Foundation and Driver Gloves - overtake, but even if you don't have the budget to buy stickers or gloves, the AK looks nice on it's own. 

    1) AK-47 - The Empress

    Do I even have to say anything? Was it not obvious? This skin is just a masterpiece. Everything about it, the colors, the small details, the placement of the design - is perfect. There is nothing I could add to make it better, the skin is just stunning. It features black, yellow and red colors and the combination of them really makes the skin look appealing to the eye. I'm hoping valve is going to release more skins from this collection, because hell, the skin is so good that even if I had a, let's say, blue themed inventory, I'd use this skin just to not miss out. It's light years ahead of any other skin, and when I was thinking about which skins I should add to this article, I didn't even consider anything else than this skin being the #1, not for a moment. The skin starts at 31.60 euros and at Factory New goes up to 102.24 euros, but it's worth every cent, I'd spend twice as much just to be able to witness "The Empress's" glory. Have a look at it yourself. :)

    P.S. Thank you for reading, this was my first article so feel free to criticize and point out any mistakes I made. Excuse me for the "Activate Windows" in the picture, but I just don't feel the need to actually activate it. 
    Also, this article is based on my opinion and you are free to have and express your own opinions, these are just suggestions for anyone willing to buy a new AK in CS:GO and potentially even for myself to use if I consider buying one. :)

    6 january 2019 05:33 1625

    nice thanks for info im new to this game :)

    6 january 2019 11:01 1625

    No problem man :) I also just noticed that I botched the last photo, as it's the AK-47 fuel injector again, sorry for that :/

    6 january 2019 11:02 1625

    Neon revolution

    6 january 2019 13:59 1625

    I think fuel enjector

    6 january 2019 17:33 1625

    Neon rider

    7 january 2019 07:31 1625

    neon rider

    7 january 2019 08:04 1625

    neon rider

    7 january 2019 16:40 1625

    love the orbit mk01

    8 january 2019 17:21 1625

    Empress will be a great addition to the game. AK Asiimov is very nice but the best is the Neon Rider in my opinion as it is very colourful.

    14 january 2019 11:54 1625

    I like the Neon Rider AK.

    15 january 2019 15:10 1625

    I would say that the best one is the case hardened

    15 january 2019 19:38 1625

    why is black laminate here lol

    16 january 2019 14:31 1625

    i buy cs go skins

    16 january 2019 15:39 1625

    fuel injector

    16 january 2019 16:59 1625

    Cs:go is better

    17 january 2019 12:17 1625

    Better than what?

    19 january 2019 18:41 1625

    neon rider looks dope man

    27 january 2019 16:56 1625

    Asimov The Best

    27 january 2019 19:10 1625

    frontside misty best

    27 january 2019 19:36 1625

    no doubt, i enjoy the fuel injector the most. It is just so clean and gives u a satesfaction everytime u pick it up!

    27 january 2019 19:44 1625

    The best skin has gotta be Wastleland Rebel.

    27 january 2019 21:54 1625

    AK-47 - Neon Rider for sure

    28 january 2019 08:35 1625

    Neon Rider

    28 january 2019 14:28 1625

    But i prefer M4 skin :p

    28 january 2019 17:13 1625

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