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    How can I win more games?

    I never seem to win games, maybe cause of my really bad building skills, or lack of play. I usually get to 5th or 2nd place. Any tips? Thanks in advance!

    4 january 2019 18:15 2830

    dont be agressive just wait for 1v1 and try to get better at building in creative

    4 january 2019 19:08 2830

    Thank you so much for the advice, fellow fortniter! Good luck and see you in the battle bus!

    4 january 2019 19:10 2830

    Dont't try too hard nor stress and you'll do fine.
    Also not recommended to be toxic cause karma loves ligma. 🤔

    5 january 2019 05:36 2830

    playgroung or creative trainning

    5 january 2019 22:36 2830

    play sqaud with pro player or camp in bush,house,tree .

    9 january 2019 13:01 2830

    Play smart and not aggresive and try to get good advantages like high ground

    9 january 2019 17:58 2830

    I really suck at building what do i do?

    9 january 2019 20:11 2830

    Practice your building and editing skills in Playground or Creative mode. The more you play the more you get xp wise and know the game better i guess. A good thing to do is watch what pros do in casual games (see their rotations, how they build, when they use materials) To get more experience land popular places Like Tilted Towers to practice your early game when mats are low and people are all around you. Listen to tips of pros, maybe even ask them. This website isnt the best for this sort of stuff, Reddit or YT would be best. Doing this and more will benefit you. The more you play and practice the better. Also most of the people giving you tips i can tell are greatly inexperienced and have probably never even touched the game. As i said before this forum isnt the best for advice.😄

    14 january 2019 12:01 2830

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