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    Why is “Jailbreak” so overrated?

    Jailbreak is one of the most popuar games on roblox, almost reaching an outstanding 1billion visits, since it's release in September of 2017. See that's what I don't get... almost 1/4 of the population has already played this game and it's been out for almost 8 months now. Now I'm going to be discussing why Jailbreak shouldn't even be this popular. My first reason is that the Police basically just camp so you can't escape, which means you can't even have any fun. And it's way to easy to just escape the prison,(if a cop isn't following you or camping) which kinda also takes out the thrill of the game. Also it's to hard to even rob a bank without any cops coming and arresting you in a matter of seconds. Also the prices of gamepasses are unbelievably expensive, like one thousand robux for just the VIP, are you kidding me? Anyway all you really do in the game is rob banks and buy cars, like there is really nothing special about the game.

    3 january 2019 05:13 2173

    True, but the owner created so much hype that it just became so popular when it got released

    3 january 2019 05:37 2173

    I think it's overated because it's the kids that like it and as and adult i dislike it

    3 january 2019 11:13 2173

    I could not agree anymore

    3 january 2019 12:13 2173

    1/16 of the population hasnt even played jailbreak its because if u join it twice or even 10 times they still get a visit

    3 january 2019 13:48 2173

    because its famous

    3 january 2019 20:35 2173

    I agree with you, Jailbreak isn't such a big deal.

    4 january 2019 00:53 2173

    true, i dont get how its fun, just repeating everything

    4 january 2019 01:20 2173

    yea its overrated

    7 january 2019 21:19 2173

    I find that it is very fun

    7 january 2019 21:22 2173

    nah i hate jailbreak

    12 january 2019 18:29 2173

    For me Jailbreak is ok but what I haye about it is the scammers. They completely wreck the whole "Jailbreak" thing. Updates r pretty cool though...

    23 january 2019 06:21 2173

    Idk it sux

    28 january 2019 17:24 2173

    I didn't play it much but will try this game

    4 february 2019 09:35 2173


    5 february 2019 07:49 2173

    I agree, I spent 30 minutes on that game trying to figure out how to play it when I realized there's not even that much to do.

    20 february 2019 05:03 2173

    Ikr, like Jailbreak is pretty overated. I never really enjoyed it bc all u ever do is do the same thing over and over again. Plus, it feels like you’re not even progressing. Tbh, Mad City is better.

    20 february 2019 08:08 2173

    as there was no game like jailbreak after roblox was becomming famous so everybody liked jailbreak

    20 february 2019 12:59 2173

    not anymore

    20 february 2019 16:23 2173

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