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    Buying roblox games with robux

    What's your thoughts of buying access to roblox games such as Bloxburg? I think it all depends on the theme and if you and your friends purchase it, becouse games is much more funnier when you play with friends. As said above, what's your thoughts?

    2 january 2019 17:44 2173

    I'd say paid access is not good, because you probably won't earn DevEx(Developer Exchange) from players buying the game and paid access keeps away, maybe 85% of players. 😐

    2 january 2019 19:14 2173

    Nice thought. Never thought about it as that.

    2 january 2019 19:17 2173

    Ok. 🙂

    2 january 2019 19:20 2173

    I mean its preety good but when it gets free to play its like

    5 january 2019 02:59 2173

    It's good for newer games. It supports the creators

    2 october 2019 07:10 2173

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