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    I would like to hear opinions of others about gameplay and champions

    Hello all, i hope you are doing well. I made this just because sometimes i think that league players are to closed to themselves (sometimes) ..... if you wanna chat i will be available also if you want we could play together sometimes Have fun

    11 december 2018 12:12 77

    Hello there! In my opinion, as the game progresses it really is taking a harder approach compared to maybe how it once was before.

    27 december 2018 00:07 77

    What do you think about all the new changes coming in 2019 ?

    27 december 2018 12:45 77

    champs can be either overpowered or underpowered depending on how you play, though there are some good champs that are played badly by a lot of ppl.. just saying

    28 december 2018 06:39 77

    They might need to do a little bit on balancing

    28 december 2018 20:39 77

    try high michanical skill champs and u will enjoy their gameplay after learning the champs basics take zed as an example

    30 december 2018 13:28 77

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