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    Tutorial: Visa To PayPal

    A short tutorial on how to get your gems into PayPal.


    I have seen people ask for PayPal withdraw here on numerous occasions. So using what I already know about PayPal, I devised a fairly simple method to allow you to get your gems transferred into your PayPal account with very little hassle.


    1. Order a PrePaid Visa in any one of the available amounts from the rewards section here on Gamehag: https://gamehag.com/shop
    2. Activate your PrePaid Visa as a digital card and get your card details as outlined here: https://gamehag.com/tutorials/how-do-i-activate-my-prepaid-visa-card
    3. Sign in to your PayPal account and click on the "Request" button.
    4. In the following screen, enter an email address your have (or create a new one) that is not associated with your PayPal account or any other PayPal account you have and then click "Next".
    5. In the next screen, enter an amount for slightly less then the amount of your prepaid Visa (see "PayPal Fees" bellow), select your currency, select "Basic Request", add a note if you like, then click "Request Now".
    6. Using another computer or mobile device, access the email account you sent the request to, open the email and then click the "Pay Now" button for the request.
    7. When the page opens, select the "Pay as a Guest" option.
    8. In the following screen, change the "Paying for an item or service" to "Sending to a friend" and enter the card and billing address info.
    9. On the next screen you will see the final total that will be deducted from the card including the fee. Confirm this final amount to finish the transfer.
    There you go, you should now see the amount transferred to your PayPal within a just couple minutes!

    PayPal Fees

    There is a small fee which you have to work out and plan for. For example, for a $10 prepaid Visa you should plan for (as of the time of this writing) a $0.58 fee, so you should make your PayPal money request for $9.42. I have created a chart for different amounts below to help you out.
    • Send a PayPal Request for $4.70 for a $5 Prepaid Visa ($0.30/6% Fee)
    • Send a PayPal Request for $9.42 for a $10 Prepaid Visa ($0.55/5.5%)
    • Send a PayPal Request for $18.95 for a $20 Prepaid Visa ($1.05/5.25%)
    • Send a PayPal Request for $47.45 for a $50 Prepaid Visa ($2.55/5.1% Fee)
    • Send a PayPal Request for $94.95 for a $100 Prepaid Visa ($5.05/5.05% Fee)
    * This fee's are accurate as of 12/03/2018.

    Contact & Disclaimer

    If you have any questions regarding this tutorial I will do my best to answer any questions you might have. I take no responsibility if you mess something up and lose your gems or Visa card balance when attempting to follow this tutorial.

    4 december 2018 01:29 1625

    1 question, how long do the 10 usd usually take? I ordered 2 cards a week ago and still havent gotten them. Maybe waiting for restock?

    28 december 2018 22:11 1625

    Same gala, ordered one 2 days ago still haven't recieved mine

    31 december 2018 20:54 1625

    Recently my visa account got restricted. Thanks for this

    2 january 2019 07:51 1625

    Thank you for guide mate

    2 january 2019 21:04 1625

    Thank you for sharing

    3 january 2019 02:53 1625

    Thanks you so much bro

    3 january 2019 05:32 1625

    I dont have a pay as guest option

    3 january 2019 21:01 1625

    thank you bro :)

    4 january 2019 00:23 1625

    Hey vgalambine, not sure why you don't have that option. Please, send a screenshot of what you do see... you might be looking for the option in the wrong place, maybe?

    4 january 2019 09:18 1625

    nice guide

    4 january 2019 09:44 1625

    yahhh nice

    4 january 2019 14:44 1625

    hello i am new here.And that guide was really good keep it up 👍

    4 january 2019 15:09 1625

    nice guide, thank you for sharing

    4 january 2019 20:34 1625

    Thanks for the guide, keep it up!

    9 january 2019 12:46 1625

    i use visa almost every day and this article was really helpful for me

    9 january 2019 12:58 1625


    9 january 2019 14:25 1625

    thanks bro

    9 january 2019 14:41 1625

    not visa do MAster Card

    9 january 2019 18:03 1625

    Thank you for guide mate!!!

    9 january 2019 18:19 1625

    thanks for this

    10 january 2019 03:01 1625

    nice man u help me so much

    10 january 2019 19:26 1625

    this helped me a lot

    11 january 2019 18:51 1625

    nicely done

    11 january 2019 18:51 1625

    love you so much bro

    11 january 2019 18:53 1625

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