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    How to delete gamehag accounts?

    I opened more than one account in my computer for greedy purposes. I used VPN to play through the US servers. The US version offers almost 10 times more soul gems and many many contracts than the Asian version. In my opinion that is not fair ( I don't care what you guys think about it ). So how do I delete all the account? I have planned to open a brand new account using VPN and of course I will use the USA version. thank you.

    3 december 2018 17:24 1628

    You can delete accounts by contacting the mods, but there is one problem. You can't make new account and use it over VPN. We know if you use VPN and those accounts get instant ban!! Also, since you already have one account made on your network IP you can't use normally new accounts, you are bound to that specific one.

    Have a nice day,

    3 december 2018 23:12 1628

    But they havn't banned me yet! I think they want me to complete as many task as possible and than they will ban me. I've changed my IP several times but only assigned the one in the Los Angeles. AND MY STEAM 5$ GIFT CARD IS DISPATHING ITSELF FOR THREE DAYS!!! Farewell.

    4 december 2018 12:28 1628

    i think you can t delete your acount .

    20 january 2019 03:17 1628

    You need to contact support for that. Check the FAQs section in gamehag

    20 january 2019 03:29 1628

    Creat a new one and use it ....

    20 january 2019 11:25 1628

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