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    Gamehag not giving SG

    Guys i recently joined the gamehag and set the target to marvel avengers which i needed, for somedays the gamehag was working completely fine i got 3000+ SG's but from last 2-3 days its glitching alot.

    1- i am not able to get SG's even though i completed so many surveys successfully and got the message that SG's are delivered I should be able to get 600 SG completing that survey but the amount i have is the same even though i refreshed it, waited for 24 hours but still haven't received any, yes i did the survey from the survey section in gamehag not from offerwalls.

    2- I opened the daily chest or any chest it glitches and doesnt show the spin while the glitch was not there a couple of days ago.

    3- The price is also glitching like the avengers game sometimes gets 4999 and sometimes it gets 3999.

    4- I am not getting any exps as well.

    If anyone else having the same problem do let me know because i want to confirm if it is a server error or only in my devices. Pardon my english.

    The only thing that is working is "In 4 days you will become a frog " This happens because we remain inactive for a day but i am active, did a lot of quests everyday and still my time is reducing which is an alarming situation T_T

    5 march 2024 12:40 3397

    i finally started saving SG's and controlled myself from buying a chest and now this T_T

    6 march 2024 06:49 3397

    Oh wow I'm new to this site and the first thread forum that I see is this one. Definitely the encouragement for the grind I'm looking for! Yay!!

    6 march 2024 12:42 3397

    @valery_tanaya Look the problem started a couple of days ago before that the website was working completely fine, i got some random steam paid game keys from chest which is not AAA ofcourse but all games are in working condition so the from this i came to know that Gamehag is not a fraud, if they can give me so many games each for 2 euros then they can also give the AAA titles, i am also new like you, started a month ago. My complain was not to discourage or encourage anyone, it was just to tell the developers that this is the problem which needs to be resolved. Furthermore i wanted to confirm that is this problem globally or its only in my account. Since there wasnt any place to tell the problem except misty bot which is just a bot and cant really identify the specific problem. I tried messaging them on Insta and Facebook but there wasnt any response and the discord link is not working. I am waiting for the website to be back again and i suggest this to you as well because there are only 2 place where we can get the game "The gamesbolt" and this, gamesbolt requires alot of points while this requires few.

    Are you getting the SG's from completing offers and surveys??

    6 march 2024 14:58 3397

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