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    10 reasons why PUBG mobile is great

    This is an article composed of my personal opinions and if someone has a different opinion i give him the warning that i dont force my opinions you just can ignore me if you disagree

    23 november 2018 20:28 3272

    10. It is supported by most android devices and all iphone too! 9. It has a big comunity and a caring team of experts that fix bugs etc

    23 november 2018 20:31 3272

    8. It is one of the best first person shooters in playstore 7. It has a great gameplay 6. Its one of the little battle royale that lets you cross-play with other platforms

    23 november 2018 20:33 3272

    I agree. It's the best first person shooter for me.

    24 november 2018 10:34 3272

    because many people play it lul :P good community

    6 january 2019 07:02 3272

    Portability is the top reason - you will need your lug around your gaming laptop, or have to sit at home to play PUBG on PC. For PUBG Mobile? Just sit down somewhere with good mobile network and you are set.

    And it being free means lower entry bar compared to PC version

    23 january 2019 18:19 3272

    well come on Apex legends in gonna be in mobile so pubg would just die

    17 february 2019 17:27 3272

    Goood game love it haha

    20 february 2019 23:04 3272

    Does someone know if they'll keep the event permanently or just temporary?

    20 february 2019 23:48 3272

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