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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    How to rank up

    How to easy rank up pls

    17 november 2018 15:13 808

    Kill more players and win game with edo

    18 november 2018 02:04 808

    Kill the enemy before they kill you, so you can get more kill.

    19 november 2018 10:52 808

    İ have a xp More ore

    19 november 2018 11:13 808

    to easily rank up you need to "consistantly prefore better than your opponent". this can range from more kills, using utility to assist in kills, dropping a weapon at the buy time, remaining unseen for kills, etc, etc... the best advice is to find a team, even if it's just a two man que.

    23 november 2018 06:46 808

    Idk just hope you have good luck and find a good team to carry you. (lol)

    24 november 2018 03:58 808

    till writing these words there is no clear way to rank up as valve has never & probably will never reveal the way at fear of the system being abused by players.
    just play the game you'll get bette with time & eventually rank up

    27 november 2018 18:01 808

    Play premades

    8 december 2018 17:34 808

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