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    How to get your article accepted. From a moderator's point of view.

    As a moderator, I'm looking for articles with good formatting.
    If your article was rejected, first check and fix its formatting.
    Learn how to use HTML Formatting, and it will give your article a higher chance of it being accepted.

    Secondly, ensure that your article has GOOD QUALITY PICTURES.
    An article with minimal to no pictures, small, or blurry pictures is less likely to be accepted.

    Here is a list of reasons as to why your article might be rejected.

    • No article picture.

    • Several spelling mistakes.

    • Topic of article is not related to portal.

    • Duplicated topic.

    • Plagiarism.

    • Offensive language.

    • Spam.

    • Overuse of colourful/large fonts.

    • Overdoing the formatting.

    • Poor text structure [No paragraphs, Wall of text, etc.]

    • Referral Links/Advertising Bad Sites.

    Cross check your article with this list and fix any of the issues with it before submitting it for review.

    By doing so, your article will have a greater chance of being approved.
    Hope this is helpful to you!

    9 november 2018 17:05 1628

    👍 No problem.

    9 november 2018 17:11 1628

    Most of those are already rejected by the automated system.
    We only review articles which have passed that system and check it for the points listed above.

    Besides, what you are stating is already covered under the points: "Plagiarism" and "Spam".
    There's really no need to worry about these users, as the articles submitted to us after 10/11/2018 will have to undergo both automated and manual verification to be published.

    This will lead to lesser spam and copied articles showing up on the Forums & Article Page.
    Hope this addresses your concern. 🙂

    11 november 2018 03:32 1628

    At least think before spamming on my post. 🤦
    I've issued you a warning for this on your article here.
    One more infraction, and you will be banned for 24 hours from GameHag. Have a nice day.

    12 november 2018 05:28 1628

    "is there an option to save or tag this thread or maybe any thread..its hard to keep on searching important threat like this one"

    You could bookmark this thread using your browser. 🙂

    "Honest question. How about threads dedicated to spamming? can others report them as spam?"

    Yes, you can report them as spam. If you feel that the comment can be considered as spam, please report it so that we may take a look. However, do not intentionally report non-spam comments, such as proper replies. Only then will you be penalised for false-reports.

    If you are unsure, you can clarify it with me either on GameHag's Discord Server (Username: lolkabash#7000) or ask it in this thread here:


    Hope this answers your questions!

    12 november 2018 08:21 1628

    "But I think the website should be improved so that it also names the specific reason why specifically a moderator rejected it."

    Yes, we agree with this point as well.

    Personally, I feel for the people whose articles have been rejected. It is frustrating to get your own articles rejected and not know why. We have requested a small comment box or feedback option to give users at least a one-sentence brief feedback/reason why they were rejected. We have brought this up to GameHag's Admins and they agreed that it is one of the features they could implement.

    14 november 2018 02:06 1628

    Bumping this thread, in case other users did not see it yet.

    17 november 2018 04:26 1628

    "is there anyway to edit after posting an article?"

    Currently, you cannot edit your articles after publishing it.
    However, we have suggested for this feature to the GameHag Team, and are currently waiting for it to be implemented! Thanks for bringing it up. 😃

    17 november 2018 16:33 1628

    So I've tried using HTML coding in my article just now and failed miserably !!!

    If I do come across your article, I'll take a look and see what issues you've had. Try practising with HTML Formatting on the forums.
    Here's a guide to HTML Formatting:

    Just a heads up that HTML Formatting will not work when posting a comment for the first time.

    To post a comment with HTML Formatting:
    1. Copy your comment (Including the HTML Formatting) before posting.
    2. Post your comment. (No formatting should occur when posted).
    3. Click on the "Edit" button to edit your comment and delete everything inside the comment box.
    4. Paste your new comment with HTML Formatting and click "Ok".

    Your comment will have been formatted once you have done these steps.
    Feel free to try it out in this thread. Hopefully, this helps you!

    18 november 2018 04:09 1628

    No worries! This thread is dedicated to answering any questions related to Articles, so it's perfectly alright for you to ask us. We're happy to help you! 😁

    19 november 2018 16:37 1628

    Bump for visibility.

    24 november 2018 04:06 1628

    Oh, regarding that user report, we are already on the case.
    Vaaren has forwarded your message to the GameHag Team, and they will see when they return to work on Monday.

    Thanks for the report though, we really appreciate it. 😁

    25 november 2018 14:23 1628

    Please send me a friend request and message me there instead of replying in the thread. I will not entertain any of your messages unless they are sent to me through a DM.


    Plagiarism is not tolerated on GameHag Articles/Forums.
    Unoriginal articles WILL be rejected.

    It doesn't matter if you took someone else's article and polished it up. It is still someone else's article. Besides, if you credit the source at the bottom of your "polished article", it's at least understandable. (Still going to be rejected though)

    However, passing it off as your own work is plagiarism and WILL get your article rejected.

    Do not, under any circumstance, submit an article which isn't your own work.

    To sum up, we expect all articles to be original to be fair to users who have written an original article.

    26 november 2018 03:49 1628

    Plagiarism is not tolerated on GameHag Articles/Forums.
    Unoriginal articles WILL be rejected......

    Thanks for clearing that up, so people who votes would take that into account when they're voting article and people who writes them to properly write them as original work.

    28 november 2018 04:36 1628

    Hey there, thanks for bumping the post! 😄

    Here is a guide on how to use HTML Formatting:

    If the link doesn't work when you click on it, try copy-pasting it into your browser.
    For your post to have HTML Formatting, you'll have to do it through an edit. This means that you first have to copy the text (inclusive of the formatting bits), edit your comment, paste it and then click save.

    I believe that you are able to post articles with proper HTML formatting, even without editing it prior, since I have seen articles with it.

    Feel free to practice with HTML Formatting in this thread. However, do not spam. Hope this helps you!

    4 december 2018 08:19 1628


    Just repeating my message to you in DMs for any other readers out there.
    Kindly add me on Discord (lolkabash#7000), and I'm more than happy to take a look at your article to give you my feedback on it. I don't have a photographic memory and can't remember your article based on the title alone.

    13 december 2018 04:47 1628


    You can write submit an article here:

    13 december 2018 06:39 1628

    I don't understand what you are getting at.

    What do you mean by "1000 gems is not so easy like that for fools to take away from the moderator"?

    I assume you mean that the SG you receive from articles comes from the personal balance of each moderator.

    This is false.

    To clarify, we do not give away our own Soul Gems when approving each article. That is awarded from Gamehag itself.

    If this isn't what you meant by that statement, feel free to clarify it with me.


    Yes, it is possible to earn 1000SG.
    The number of Soul Gems rewarded depends on several factors, such as the overall community vote and rating.

    For example, if your article was rated highly by the community, and given an overall overwhelmingly positive vote, you will receive 1000SG.

    Hopefully, this clarifies your doubts.

    14 december 2018 16:38 1628

    We do not have the ability to remove articles DIRECTLY from the voting section
    We can only reject an article once it has passed the voting section.

    This is the process an article has to go through:
    Automated Filter > Community Voting (Voting Section) > Moderator Review (Our Part)

    18 december 2018 02:58 1628

    I'd suggest that you ignore that article and move onto others with voting.
    Sooner, or later, it will be removed from the Voting Section due to those negative votes.

    If it still persists, inform me here so that I can bring this up to the Gamehag Team.

    18 december 2018 03:18 1628


    Hey there! I was the moderator who had approved your article.
    The reason some parts of your article might have been cut is due to the fact that it was sent to the Forums.

    I cannot exactly remember how your article looked like at the time, but I believe your article was missing a Thumbnail Picture, and/or Lacking Pictures.

    Your article was still pretty good, and as such, I sent it to the Forums instead of Rejecting it outright. However, I could not publish it to the main article page due to the reasons as stated above.

    Hope this clarifies things for you!

    18 december 2018 06:28 1628

    If it was rejected by users, then I can't help you there since I don't know how your article looks. Usually, users will leave a comment on your article telling you which parts of it can be improved.

    23 december 2018 03:38 1628

    Message me on Discord with a copy of your article so I can take a look.

    3 january 2019 07:12 1628

    Bumping this thread.

    6 january 2019 05:00 1628

    DM me on Discord with a copy of your article so that I may take a look. My Discord ID is lolkabash#7000.

    8 january 2019 07:17 1628

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