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    Get 1SG for reporting Spam

    I just realized I got 1SG for reporting spam. Did you get any notifications or SG for reporting spam this morning?

    9 november 2018 05:52 1628

    To clarify I believe it's for reporting link spam, not comment spam

    9 november 2018 05:54 1628

    Same here, got like 10 gems yesterday just for reporting spam links and comments!! Finally there will be less spam :)

    9 november 2018 11:33 1628

    Yeah, I also got a few SG for reporting spam.

    9 november 2018 15:09 1628

    I don't think there is a limit. You will receive 1 SG for reporting spam when the moderators approve your report.
    I.E. If you report someone's comment as spam, it will go to a mod-queue to be evaluated.
    Only if a moderator finds that it is truly spam and deletes it, then you will be credited with 1 SG.
    You won't be credited if your report is false. This is to prevent users from abusing the report button.

    9 november 2018 16:25 1628

    Ah that's good then. So less comment spam and link spam

    9 november 2018 16:44 1628

    Hey there lola so you're a Moderator your self
    Yeah i got a point for reporting spam as well thing are about to change here

    9 november 2018 19:28 1628

    Same here 👍

    @Kabash: Do repeat offerender get punished in way for constantly spamming?

    @Swaggerino: No one is stopping you getting xp, we don't want the forum filled with spam though. If all the spammers stuck to 1 spam thread it wouldn't bother me at all, it's the countless spam threads being created and people spamming normal post with "here for xp" etc... that's annoying.

    9 november 2018 19:53 1628

    What happens when we mark a normal comment as spam by accident? I did this already 3-4 times

    11 november 2018 03:17 1628

    To answer your question, yes.
    We can issue both temporary bans (Soft-Bans/Bans with a time duration) and Permanent Bans to deal with repeat offenders.
    We also have the ability to escalate it to GameHag's Admins to issue a Permanent IP-Ban, should they attempt to bypass the ban.
    However, we will exercise restraint and will not ban users unless absolutely necessary.
    Repeat offenders will first be issued a warning, either as a comment by a moderator in one of their forum posts or through a direct message. This is done so as to give them a chance to correct their behaviour. If they fail to do so, only then will a ban be issued.

    Hope this clarifies your question!

    Should you have any more questions for me, kindly ask them in this thread:


    This is so that I am notified of your comment and can promptly answer you.

    11 november 2018 03:57 1628


    What happens when we mark a normal comment as spam by accident? I did this already 3-4 times.

    It will still appear in our report-queue but we will reject the report.

    You will not be credited for false reports.

    Please think before reporting the comment, and do not abuse the report button.

    As mentioned in the thread linked above, abusing the report function will result in you being, minimally, blacklisted from our system.

    We handle each incident on a case-by-case basis.
    Since you had informed us about your mistake, no action will be taken against you. However, please be careful when reporting in the future.

    11 november 2018 04:08 1628

    nice spams

    9 august 2019 10:20 1628

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