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    Where do you read the patch notes?

    I wanted to make a quick post about this, since I started to think about making Article posts here regarding the patch notes and my points of view, as well as some highlights and such. Do you read them in the client, or other dedicated sites like [email protected]?

    7 november 2018 08:08 77

    Well [email protected] gives us patch notes in advance, when patch is out i also read it in the client

    8 november 2018 20:57 77

    What would you say if someone published them here?

    9 november 2018 07:55 77

    You select "patch notes" in the client

    10 november 2018 11:22 77

    Yeah, but I'm asking where do you guys read them and if you woud be interested if someone posted them here

    11 november 2018 06:16 77

    Sure why not? Go and post the patch notes ranzacado

    12 november 2018 05:35 77

    Go for it! You've got nothing to lose.
    Just be sure to make sure that it has analysis and not just restating what's in the patch notes.
    Good luck if you do decide to give it a shot!

    13 november 2018 02:59 77

    I wasn't asking for where I could read em; I wanted to know if it would help publishing an article about it here

    15 november 2018 21:13 77

    Guys, this is the English part of the site. I suggest you change the language

    17 november 2018 05:48 77

    yes lol its an english website

    18 november 2018 01:14 77

    Google translate said it's turkish 😂😅

    18 november 2018 18:54 77

    in they're website or in the cilent

    19 november 2018 15:00 77

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