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    How much soulgems do you get from writing articles?

    I want to start writing articles for soulgems, but about how much do you make

    6 november 2018 10:10 1628

    I got 450 gems for my first article.

    6 november 2018 15:42 1628

    It used to be pretty good, averaged about 450 SG or so per article...unfortunately people have been spamming **** to the point that GH has added their review system, which allows users to earn SG for reviewing articles before they get posted...unfortunately with all the spam out there and the easy SG from reviewing people just downvote everything.

    7 november 2018 08:20 1628

    You can earn from 300 sg to up to 750 if you are using runes... 1000 gems is just a sweet dream and sadly it will stay like that for don't know how long. With the new review system for articles it is much easier and faster to clear up all the spam so Gamehag team has less to worry about.
    As @Kermadec said, many of the people are downvoting and then later they wonder how they didn't receive the gems... as it says every time - vote properly and honestly on every article!!!

    If you'd like to start writing articles follow few of these steps:
    1. If you want to write about some game, first check if there is already an article about it here
    2. Pleeeaaaseeee avoid writting about Roblox or Minecraft, we have seen thousands of them and we don't like to see them...
    3. Feel free to search for reviews that others wrote about the game you would like to write about to get some more info, that is fine, but copy paste from others work is NOT okay and we can find that out really fast :)
    4. Article must be of at least 2500 characters including spaces, please don't spam with space!!
    5. Try to write article in Word and then just copy paste it on the site, it is much easier
    6. Size for pictures must be at least 800x450, those ones look the best on 90% of the todays screens
    7. Don't list loads of things like guns from one game, that is not really an article...
    8. Try to divide text with few pictures or just divide text itself into small parts to make it nicer to look at and much easier and enjoyable to read :)
    9. Don't forget to put some pictures (at least 2) and make sure they are of propper quality. You can also use your own screenshots

    Cheers, and good luck :)

    7 november 2018 21:12 1628

    Thanks guys, this is really helpful

    8 november 2018 01:38 1628

    Wow. I will try.

    8 november 2018 12:36 1628

    good luck with the articles

    8 november 2018 19:37 1628

    Typically you earn 400-600 I've written tons of articles and I've never gotten 1000.
    And the voters do not automatically downvote everything.
    Most of the articles that get accepted have an 85% approval rating in every section.
    If you are having trouble getting your article accepted please read this thread and the tips.
    mb.rider also has very good advice written above!

    11 november 2018 20:06 1628

    depends on the article. usually you can get around 500

    12 november 2018 03:50 1628

    yeah just like peple said, yu'll get an average 300 SG per article

    12 november 2018 03:58 1628

    I don't know what determines it. I have gotten 600 for every one that I have published, but with Ansus Rune the latest have scored me 900 each.

    But the real point is, if you ask me, not how much you earn from articles, but how useful it is. Personally, I find articles an infinitely more reliable way to earn SG than game tasks, which apparently get rejected frustratingly easily.

    13 november 2018 20:34 1628

    Haven't do that

    14 november 2018 10:35 1628

    I will say that I wrote a article full of numbers... But I regreted

    26 february 2020 16:10 1628

    Minimum 400, max 1000 with runes

    26 february 2020 17:01 1628

    i wrote an article,it got published but i didnt receive any sg's

    29 march 2020 18:28 1628

    ahh to jace pun ahh to zilorade jebi jebi

    29 march 2020 18:44 1628


    29 march 2020 21:05 1628

    I will write an article just for gems :)))

    20 april 2020 15:53 1628

    Thanks guys it really helps me i should start making my articles

    20 april 2020 17:05 1628

    i got 500 on my first article

    20 april 2020 17:34 1628

    gl for everyone

    20 april 2020 17:57 1628

    I think around 100-450 soul gems

    20 april 2020 19:09 1628

    I don't even care because my article is always getting rejected for "bad grammar" even tho I'm using Grammarly or it gets rejected by people for"plagiarism or spam" but it's not.

    20 april 2020 19:47 1628

    evertime i write a artical it say i copy

    20 april 2020 19:50 1628

    how can i get some soul gems

    20 april 2020 19:51 1628

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