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    Quest: A True Professional

    I believe that I never had the option to attempt the quest. I'm already level 20 and I'm not sure what I have to do to this quest. I've checked in my quest journal and it is not there. I checked the completed section in my journal too.

    4 november 2018 02:49 2148

    you have to finnish a quest ingame, belive you need to speak to someone and then you will automaticly get it.

    4 november 2018 09:33 2148

    it was a pretty simple quest, so it shouldnt take to long

    4 november 2018 09:33 2148

    they changed the tasks to just getting certain levels now. So if you are alreadyover level 15 you can complete all the tasks.

    10 november 2018 01:56 2148

    yep ty for changing it !

    10 november 2018 14:56 2148

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