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    How it works

    What is this game actually?

    Can somebody tell me how this works?

    9 november 2021 20:11 2173

    It's kind of like role playing. Think of what would happen if you had put Pokemon in an open world setting in 3d. Or a visual version of Discord where you can actually see the action instead of just typing it.

    10 november 2021 01:47 2173

    Roblox is an MMO game with multiple games in it, with different variety of avatars to choose from and some toxic players on the way but anyways its fun if you appreciate it

    11 november 2021 03:56 2173

    It's basically a game with a bunch of people on it who make games, clothes, groups and more. You can customise your avatar, play the games on Roblox and sometimes even make games yourself. There's also a currency on Roblox called 'Robux' which you can buy for real life money so you can customise your avatar, play games, make groups, etc. Overall great game, the community can be fun too, I recommend it :]

    8 january 2022 19:07 2173

    roblox is a dating app where you can be a emo boy or girl and have fun.

    8 january 2022 21:44 2173

    roblox is a uhhh multiplayer game?

    9 january 2022 06:36 2173

    Roblox is a game where its basiclly fun join games and customize avatar

    22 january 2022 16:02 2173

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