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    Soul Gems

    For 4 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 15 battles

    how do i complete the first task

    Even after a creating a new account and verifying it, my task 1 got rejected 2 times after that, contacted Misty and finally got my reward for it, what a drag to complete this. No more crossout or warthunder for me, too much trouble to get the reward you're supposed to be gettting easy.

    17 august 2019 13:47 2176

    I'm also having issues with the first quest. I literally send the SS with me having 15 wins against other players twice. I sent the third with GameHag website in the background. Hope it will work this time.

    17 august 2019 23:13 2176

    а вам нравится

    20 august 2019 10:57 2176

    i have been rejected and wrote to misty do i need a different screenshot or what would that be

    24 august 2019 17:33 2176

    I've published my Crossout screenshot with the 1st reward (to win 15 battles) yesterday, but my task is waiting for verification. Then I read the way I had to take the screenshot but I'm not able to publish it because of the old one still waiting.

    31 march 2020 13:06 2176

    Nope, probably gonna try with a new account.

    2 april 2020 20:53 2176

    First task is hard for me atleast is littarly hard

    3 april 2020 04:57 2176

    Is not play 15, its win 15 games. I'm about to try the windowed screenshot. will update if it works for me

    23 may 2020 14:56 2176

    im sorry but at all it dosent work for me

    24 may 2020 18:54 2176

    I window mode the solution? I am thinking about playing this game but seems it is frequently not accepted. New account is also a must I see because I already have War Thunder.

    8 july 2020 09:37 2176

    You have to screenshot that page where it says "Battles in missions", i dont know why this works but it worked for me and i completed all of the quests :\

    3 august 2020 09:57 2176

    win 15 rounds then open gamehag website beside crossout , in screenshot , your name , wins and gamehag profile should be show

    3 august 2020 10:43 2176

    I have had my screenshot rejected three times. I will try showing my Gamehag profile as well.

    3 august 2020 19:52 2176

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