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    how do i complete the first task

    i have been rejected and wrote to misty do i need a different screenshot or what would that be

    15 october 2018 02:54 2176

    help appreciated plz

    15 october 2018 02:54 2176

    I'm having the same problem. I wish they would tell my why the validation system thinks the screenshot has been uploaded before.

    15 october 2018 10:32 2176

    Play 15 games and take a screenshot

    15 october 2018 12:05 2176

    done that dude

    16 october 2018 00:11 2176

    Is the game pc only? I just joined and have trouble figuring out what is all mobile compatible to earn...

    24 october 2018 06:37 2176

    Any support on here that are not bots to actually help out. I keep geeting same message, yet i play 1 more game, do a new screenshot - but gets rejected as seen before? 5 tickets opened and multiple screen shots and 3 weeks later still keep getting rejected! #HELP

    24 october 2018 15:05 2176

    solved. you have to run the game in windowed mode and to have the gamehag profile in the background and then take a screenshot

    27 october 2018 16:08 2176

    does it really work in windowd mode? you obviously need to have 15 games played and you gamehag account name showing in game the same as on game hag, but if you need it in windowd their validation system should tell you that. I am trying it now to see if it is going to work but I have 31 battles played and still rejected and it just says something went wrong lol something but not sure.. ya thx gamehag.

    28 october 2018 00:56 2176

    I have this same problem, send picture on with one see I have more than 50battles .... Why You not accepted this??

    28 october 2018 22:01 2176

    How am I supposed to have same name as gamehag when it is already taken..

    29 october 2018 13:20 2176

    It just has to be similar Rocky9. Also you must create your account using the gamehag link.

    29 october 2018 13:46 2176

    Take a screen shot with game in window mod with your gamehag profile open. Works for me.

    29 october 2018 16:12 2176

    @guilo @cristalx Thanks Bros!

    29 october 2018 16:14 2176

    How do i get a 15 battles screenshot , while the game history shows maximum of 10 battles ? O.o Anyone knows ?

    1 november 2018 07:31 2176

    it is in your briefing, it will say "battles in missions" and "battles in raids"

    2 november 2018 00:07 2176

    if its rejected check if your name is similar to your gamehag accaunt, maybe thats the problem

    14 november 2018 18:49 2176

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