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    War Thunder

    (4.29/5) 17321 rates

    Play and get

    2500 5500
    Soul Gems

    For 4 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 8 battles and destroy at least 3 enemies

    Is War thunder better than World of tanks?

    Is it better?

    27 july 2021 10:36 11

    Yes and it always will be because WT has many new features

    27 july 2021 16:20 11

    War Thunder is way better the Word of warship/plane/tank much more fun to play

    24 october 2021 00:19 11

    War Thunder lets you do aviation, naval and ground modes, so I'd say it's a pretty great game

    15 december 2021 00:14 11

    It has way more features than WT and better gameplay with superior graphics

    18 december 2021 12:52 11

    war thunder has combined arms and progress will be linked compared to playing the game from wargaming where resources aren't shared also the game is for if you want realism than playing for the arcade gameplay of those games as the reality of war thunder's modes is definitely more realistic than say the world of tanks

    20 september 2022 02:49 11

    It is much more realistic than wot and is by far better

    20 september 2022 21:26 11

    I tried both games, but I liked War Thuder

    21 december 2022 01:48 11

    The War Thunder is not sees the profit in first priority and I see that they have a litle bit of more interest in community. War Thunder have In one game air,land and sea forces and all of that mixed version, what makes a big difference betwen the two. And I think that, War Thunder have more and better quality vehicles than the Wargames, but the World of Warships have the submarines and they didn't in War Thunder.

    24 december 2022 16:24 11

    War thunder is better if you want simulation, WOT is better if you want a more arcade experience.

    25 december 2022 16:12 11

    yes it is

    25 december 2022 19:59 11

    yeah its a lot more detailed its basically world of tanks + world of warplanes + world of warships combined

    9 january 2023 00:37 11

    Yes and it always will be because WT has many new features

    9 january 2023 11:19 11

    Yes it is, but not for everyone. War Thunder, though not a full-on simulator, puts a greater emphasis on realism than World of Tanks. Meanwhile, World of Tanks is a pacier, more arcadey experience. It's up to the player what he is looking for and what he enjoys.

    10 january 2023 22:49 11

    its more fun for sure

    11 january 2023 07:22 11

    yeah warthunder is WAY better than the World of series. Big reason is you don't have to pay for addiotinal vehicles which really soured me on that series.

    26 january 2023 22:42 11

    If War Thunder didn't exist, you wouldn't be getting classified data

    27 january 2023 10:14 11

    I think War Thunder is better because it is more realistic than World of Tanks. But someone likes World of Tanks, so I think it all depends on the person

    7 march 2023 22:53 11

    War Thunder better in WoW you cant survive tank with higher lvl but in WT you can even destroy it

    30 august 2023 20:56 11

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