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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    How to AWP

    Can u guys tel ME some Awp tip or trick to play better?

    26 september 2018 14:37 808

    Practice my friend. Head into deathmatch and continue playing with just the AWP. Practice predicting where enemies will come from and setting up to shoot them there, but aim slightly ahead of the corner so you have enoughh time to react.

    26 september 2018 18:14 808

    Just Point And Shoot f0RehEad

    2 october 2018 04:05 808

    why head tho? just dont hit their legs or arms.

    2 october 2018 13:37 808

    Everyone will tell you that you need A LOT OF SKILL to use the AWP. Actually, is not that hard, even a Silver can be decent with the AWP. You need a decent aim, patience and game sense. Use a pistol in close combat, stay behind your team, play safe and try to use the AWP when you are far from your enemies. Good luck!

    2 october 2018 15:10 808

    If you don't have the reflexes etc,you have to play safe,stay back and pre aim,not something more

    7 october 2018 10:51 808

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