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    should i play senna ?

    should i play senna ?

    2 april 2021 14:23 77

    hmmm... u can try senna in a bots game and see if u can play better with her then go for the PvP games. if u practise her u can become better with her

    3 april 2021 15:08 77

    sure, try senna, she is a good champ

    5 april 2021 19:05 77

    I say give senna a try shes a good champ

    7 april 2021 08:47 77

    go ahead

    18 april 2021 02:47 77

    I'd say go for it while i can't give rune and item suggestions as I think she still takes support runes as far as meta goes. However she does build adc items and plays like a ad and a support at the same time. So if your good at adc and want a support to fill that roll its the best and only pick just like pyke being the best for assassin players stuck playing support.

    19 april 2021 04:49 77

    Sure, both as a support or adc is pretty good

    23 april 2021 13:14 77

    give it a try

    25 april 2021 15:58 77

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