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    What does it take to get accepted around here?

    I've completed the first task exactly as it was described. Initially, I highlighted just my username. What more does Gamehag need? http://i64.tinypic.com/racmfm.jpg An appeal does nothing. I just get this can of crap. http://i68.tinypic.com/2v1rmes.png This is not customer support. This is just talking to a robot. Maybe the Trial Pay offer wall/contract will give me something better. I've always liked Trial Pay. They just want me to get to level 10. I've done one offer for them through another site. I don't mind replaying the game to get payment. I'm starting to think that Gamehag is a joke.

    15 september 2018 07:07 2148

    I've been rejected twice now. This is getting pretty annoying.

    16 september 2018 07:03 2148

    Same here. Nothing you can do. The best way is just wait and try again and again or just leave gamehag..

    8 february 2019 09:45 2148

    why i dont have any SG tasks for this game.. i have literally 8 games on my games tasks.. only 2,3 good games with nice amount of SGS

    16 february 2019 00:51 2148

    Ow yeah nice topic

    19 february 2019 05:39 2148

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