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    I've won Sims 4 from a giveaway crate some while back and I haven't redeemed it yet. If anyone's interested I can sell you the key for less than half it's original price on here for 4100 soul gems (that's how much I need for a steam wallet code). Why? I've never played a sims game nor do I use Origin, payment works in Gamehag from your profile page (need to be level 6+) msg me if interested.

    13 september 2018 16:43 1628

    Bump for you.

    1 november 2018 18:32 1628

    Some info, if it was from this https://gamehag.com/shop/les-sims-4 then the game is region locked to EU.

    17 november 2018 07:02 1628

    Another method is you can create a thread in steamtrades and post your offer there, exchange for other games or currency. You will have a better chance to trade your game comparing in here.

    21 november 2018 06:51 1628

    Still looking for someone to buy the code, if you're interested message me and we'll decide on how to trade

    4 january 2019 19:06 1628

    i think only people with at least lvl6 can send gems... so if you're looking for the gems, good luck finding a trader who's interested and matches that requirement! (maybe gamehag can open a trading section one day?) bump

    6 january 2019 04:41 1628


    10 june 2019 11:06 1628

    I believe you're only able to trade SGs in multiples of 500, or your total amount of gems. Still, I wished more people did this around here.

    11 june 2019 01:13 1628

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