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    Who Is Best Hero

    What do you think about heroes.I really didnt like any of them too much

    2 march 2021 07:25 8511

    Diluc is the best tbh

    11 march 2021 02:49 8511

    Am sick of these apps

    17 march 2021 13:49 8511

    Diluc, Keqing, Razor and Klee as DPS.
    Venti, Mona, Zhongli, Benny and Xingqiu as Support.
    Jean, Barbara and Qiqi as Healers.

    You can still do most of the activities in the game without those characters. The game is easy and isn't demanding

    22 march 2021 12:13 8511

    depends on the role really, but overall i think diluc is the best

    28 march 2021 00:23 8511

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