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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.61/5) 1685 rates

    What is your favorite pistol??????

    What do you prefer usp, dessert easgle, glock or something else?

    25 february 2021 08:27 808

    My favourite is usp-s

    25 february 2021 08:28 808

    The deagle is way too strong for its costs. For only $700 you get the ability to one-shot enemys REGARDLESS of distance. Its a PISTOL witch you can effectively contest an awp with. Im not saying that its viable to go wiht a deagle against an awp, but yet alone the fact that it CAN work for basically no risk at all is kind of insane. The next weapon which can contest on that distance is the scout which costs more than double of the deagle. (I ignore the R8 intentionally, cause this gun is completely trash anyways)

    Just look at all the pro and fpl highlights with the desert eagle. There is literally so much with this gun alone. (My favorite is still simple deleting awping enemies from window to mid on mirage) I know that this kinda stuff is (very) hard to do but still you dont have to risk anything to go for it.

    But that is not even the main problem I have wiht this gun. Its actually the fact that IT CAN 2 SHOT ON CLOSE DISTANCE. It is just so easy to spam it and hope for 2/7 hits.

    1 march 2021 13:59 808

    P250 its way more better for it cost and has incredible accuracy short or long range

    1 march 2021 14:12 808

    deagle is the way to go!

    9 march 2021 11:31 808

    Deagle ofc :D

    9 march 2021 13:29 808

    Revolver btw

    10 march 2021 07:29 808


    17 march 2021 10:47 808

    USP-S je naj

    18 march 2021 09:24 808

    USP i use the most cause i basically cant aim the Deagle or the revolver

    25 march 2021 09:20 808

    Glock-18 :)

    25 march 2021 17:55 808


    28 march 2021 01:15 808

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