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    Nothing like a delicious TASK REJECTION

    Yesterday, I took my time playing this game, and writing up an article review that offers a standard overview of what to expect with the game. Just now, I get an email alert telling me that my task was rejected. You can't be more on point than actually bringing up the window with your character stats, showing off the character name and level you've reached. Now, here's my gripe with GameHag. There's no way of uploading multiple screenshots. Instead, I'm having to utilize LightShot (aka prnt sc) to safely link to 3 screenshots I'd taken. I took a screenshot of Shaiya's GH page, my Aeria Games profile (I used the same username as here, it helps a lot) then my in game final screenshot. I can't upload them all at once. I host my screenshots as a last resort, which is why I don't like being so limited. There's also no task history, unlike with Gwallet/RadiumOne, or TrialPay, where you have a CS portal and can check back on the status to see if your task cleared. Because I'm so thorough, my tickets have a very high success rate. If my task is still rejected after sending in my screenshots, I'll know this site is broken for sure, and won't be back. I understand the wait time, given the volume of fake accounts on this site. But auto-rejecting a very clear screenshot is bogus. I'm not going to name my in game characters my GH username because I like to be clever. What if I like the game enough to keep it? **If you're botting or creating multiple accounts, you're the reason why this site isn't progressing. **

    7 september 2018 16:07 2184

    Hmm, so you apparently can't do paragraph breaks? Odd. Anyway, it sounds like, with each game, you HAVE to have the same name as here. So don't create a character you're happy with at first. It's not as if we all have one we adore when we first try a game, but in this case it sounds like we have to use our GH name. This sucks, because I like to do punny names. What's even more irritating is that customer support sticks to template replies. Are they not allowed to view screenshots that I link to? It's a pretty sucky system. I'm going to have to leve grind Shaiya with a new character, but now that I know the game, it won't be that difficult. I'll do it tomorrow while I have a giant mug of coffee.

    8 september 2018 10:43 2184

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