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    I just joined yesterday!

    Haiiii, Im new to this place! Anyone have any advice or tips? No worries if not :)

    1 september 2018 20:49 1628

    Read the replies on a game before starting a task, tips for how to complete and submit are often given

    1 september 2018 21:05 1628

    Also, check if a game runs on the same backgound software, ie Arc for Star Trek + Neverwinter, afaik the gems are only availible for one game on a new account

    1 september 2018 21:10 1628

    If you get your screen rejected try again or contact misty. Cool site here I got Black OPs II and Skyrim:LE so far from gems.

    2 september 2018 01:05 1628

    Hey. Hello guys. Nice to meet ya

    2 september 2018 06:03 1628

    Use the appzone for a stable SGs income gets u 100gem per day by watching ads but takes some time ~50min
    And rate articles to get 50gems given some time after daily login

    2 september 2018 09:47 1628

    No browser games work for me...

    2 september 2018 10:17 1628

    @Kevin change browser maybe? And maybe you need to install flash and java latest versions?

    2 september 2018 23:18 1628

    @Kevin36900579 don't rely on browser games they ain't à secure way to get gems
    Try using the gamehag app to watch ads if u ain't already using it

    5 september 2018 00:16 1628

    As annoying as it is getting many tasks rejected, contacting Misty to get it accepted is only the only way. Sometimes it might take 2 tickets to get it accepted, and I have found if I refer to the previous ticket in the second one, it gets accepted.

    5 september 2018 00:37 1628

    Do wall of offer, do game tasks. And contact support for task if you ger rejected with proof of completion. And the wall of offer guys if they are ignoring your offer completion.

    5 september 2018 23:25 1628

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