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    good game or not

    it is a good gamw ifu like shooting games but someting can it be boring so what i wanne tell u is play 1 hour and not more

    17 january 2021 13:49 3272

    i love playng the game but itgets boring someting :(

    17 january 2021 13:50 3272

    Önu seviyorum ara sıra hile geliyor ama

    17 january 2021 16:36 3272

    If you like action games, it is a good game

    18 january 2021 10:42 3272

    good game! it looks like a lite version

    23 january 2021 14:52 3272

    Pubg Mobile is "WORST" game I've ever seen.
    -I can play Cyberpunk 2077 without fps drop, but I got max 45 fps in this f*cking game.
    -The game is full of bugs. For exemple I got into the game in the morning and the grasses is broken. Grasses covered my screen. Its simple example, I've seen dozens of bugs like this.
    -The hitboxes are so terrible I shoot him head but bullet either hit him body or it misses.
    -The matchmaking is terrible too. I am platinum 1 and I matched the crown 4.
    -The graphics are so dirty and like mud.
    -Finally, There are so many cheater in the game.
    This game is a waste of time. Don't play this game

    27 january 2021 13:34 3272

    normal game you can play with your friend but if you plaing single its bad

    3 february 2021 16:02 3272

    Yeah a really good game

    7 february 2021 15:51 3272

    my ex played this with all his buddies. it's an awesome game!

    14 february 2021 00:52 3272

    this game awesome because my device runnig 90 fps

    14 february 2021 22:56 3272

    good game and enjoyable

    28 february 2021 11:20 3272

    yes pubg mobile is good

    3 march 2021 11:35 3272

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